Race rules – Åre Enduro 2017

EWS Rules

The Åre Enduro follows the enduro rule book stipulated by the Enduro World Series organization. We do however have a few local add-ons and exceptions stated here below.

Mandatory safety gear and protection

Fullface helmet Every rider must have a certified full face helmet on all timed special stages and knee protection. A lighter open face helmet may be used on transfer stages but a helmet must be worn at all times during the race. A helmet with removeable chinbar is also allowed though the chinbar must be attached during timed stages. You may remove the chinbar during untimed transfer stages.
Knee pads Knee protection must be worn on all timed stages.
Mobile phone All riders must carry a fully charged mobile phone throughout the race.

Recommended gear and protection

Back protector
Full finger gloves
Elbow protection
Backpack A protector backpack works fine as well.
Wind- and waterproof jacket
Spare tube and puncture repair kit
Multi tool
Food and drink
Eye protection Goggles and/or sports glasses.
Course map Will be supplied by the race office.


Only one frame, fork and one pair of wheels can be used by a competitor during a race. Any breaches to this rule will come with a time penalty. These parts will be marked by the race organization before the race, and checked upon crossing the finish line.

Cutting the tape (aka cheating)

Enduro racing is about riding the trails provided, not taking shortcuts or cutting the tape. Due to the length of the stages it would be impossible to tape everything, as well as it being bad for the environment, so stay on track! Choose lines on track, but any lines taken outside the official trail will be deemed course cutting. Where two pieces of course tape, on opposite sides of the course, are installed, the riders must pass between them. In these areas, missing, crossing or passing the course tape on the wrong side will be deemed as course cutting. Gates are used to clearly mark sections of the course that a rider must pass through. Missing a gate will be deemed as course cutting. Anybody seen cutting the course will be disqualified.

Illegal outside assistance

Racers are encouraged to help fellow competitors on course. Any competitor receiving outside assistance from a non-racer without prior agreement from the Race Director will be disqualified. This includes using team staff/outside help to carry equipment around the course or perform repairs during the race. Help from other racers is strongly encouraged. Help each other out!

Outside assistance will be permitted at a designated Tech Area, where riders may get help from mechanics and use certain spare parts. Riders are not permitted to get help outside the Tech Area. If you are unsure of which spare parts are permitted ask a member of the race organization.


Again, due to the length of the tracks it would be impossible to have first aid help all along the course. It is therefore riders' responsibility to stop and help an injured rider on course. A rider that helps an injured rider on course and sacrifices their run will be awarded the fastest time on that track and allowed to complete the rest of the race. Look after each other! All racers must carry a fully charged mobile phone throughout the entire race so they ring the emergency contact number provided.

Environmental Rules

No disposable goggle tear offs are allowed to be used.

The disposal of food packaging and other trash on the trail is strictly prohibited. Respect your environment. Don’t litter, just don’t do it.


Don’t do drugs kids. You may be tested. And it sucks.