Race rules – Åre Enduro 2017

EWS Rules

The Åre Enduro follows the enduro rule book stipulated by the Enduro World Series organization. We do however have a few local add-ons and exceptions stated here below.

Age limit

You must be 17 or over to race in Åre as per the current EWS rules.

Mandatory safety gear and protection

Helmet – We like you to keep your front teeth intact. A fullface helmet is mandatory on all special stages. A helmet is mandatory on all transfer stages.
Knee pads – Bashing your knees is not a pleasant sensation. Wear suitable protection.
Emergency number – Will be supplied by the race office before start.
A fully charged mobile phone

Recommended gear and protection

Back protector – Not mandatory but highly recommended.
Backpack – A protector backpack works fine as well.
Wind- and waterproof jacket – We're in the Scnadinavian mountains, things can turn for the worse at any time around here.
Spare tube and repair kit – Because even the best riders get flats every now and then.
Multi tool – You can't repair your bike with your crumpy digits.
Food and drink – Recharge before you get the hammer.
Eye protection – Goggles and/or sports glasses.
Course map – Will be supplied by the race office.


Only one (1) frame, suspension fork and set of wheels are allowed during the race. Any breaches to this rule will come with a time penalty. These parts will be marked by the race organization before the race, and checked upon crossing the finish line.

The Good Samaritan Rule

We take your safety seriously. If you happen to come across an injured rider on the course, it is of the utmost importance that you stop and help to your best abilities, and contact the course marshals or the bike patrol immidiately. Any rider helping out an injured competitor will be awarded the same time as the fastest rider on that particular special stage.